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IX investment projects fair-presentation


The 9th Fair/Presentation of Investment Projects The Whole Range of Private Initiatives took place at the St. Petersburg International Cooperation Center within the framework of the Russian Industrialist 2002 international Forum Sept. 25 and 26, 2002.

The organizers were:


Economic News Agency

Petersburg International Cooperation Center

St. Petersburg International Cooperation Center

St. Petersburg Government Committee for Economic
                            Development, Industrial Policy and Commerce.

The St. Petersburg Government Committee for Economic Development, Industrial Policy and Commerce.

The Fair was conducted with active assistance from the St. Petersburg Government, the St. Petersburg International Business Association (SPIBA), the St. Petersburg Union of Industrialists and Businesspersons.

The scale of the Fair grows each year in terms of the number of participants, geography and commercial interest. The 9th Fair received 30% more applications than any year before.


The 9th Fair featured over 70 projects and business ideas in real estate, innovations, tourism, food, machine building, instrument making, health, the environment, etc.


Among investment seekers were companies as diverse as Prosperity Holding, LenSpetsSMU, Peter Golf, Adamant, Russian Museum, Gidropribor, Imperiya Publishers, Svetlana, Dary Prirody, NTK PIKKOM, Rossima, Lenenergo, the Gomel Raton special taxation zone, the Vitebsk special taxation zone, etc.


For the first time the Fair also featured projects from the Primorsky, Petrogradsky, Petrodvortsovy district governments.


The 9th Fair was a factor for the promotion of the investment projects which were included in the 2002 investment program of the St. Petersburg Committee for Economic Development, Industrial Policy and Commerce (CEDIPC).


The 9th Fair-featured, most attractive projects and proposals will be included in the CEDIPC free promotion scheme and will be   presented at the international investment symposium The Investment Potential of the Northwest of Russia which is scheduled for February 2003.


Traditionally the program of the 9th Fair included the contest of business ideas The Young, The Daring, The Promising (YDP) which featured 13 business proposals from students, postgraduates, young professionals in various economic fields.


The first prize in the YDP contest was won by Semen Klevtsov, a 5-year student of the St. Petersburg University of Architecture and Construction, who presented a business idea The Complex Conservation of the Drainage Systems and the Facades of City Buildings. Natalya Kvadritsius, a student of the St. Petersburg State University, came second with the business idea of a Book Rental Agency. The third award went to Dmitry Okhochinsky, a student of Ustinov State Technical University, who proposed a business idea The Space Addresses of St. Petersburg. A number of other business ideas received incentive prizes.


The jury also determined the winners of the 9th Fair/Presentation of Investment Projects. The first award was granted to the company Dary Prirody for the project The Wild Mushroom and Berry Processing and Preservation Facility. ZAO Adamant won the second award for the project The Akademichesky Shopping Center,while OAO Lenenergo won the third award for the project Reconstruction of Electric Suppy System No.1.


Among the visitors of the 9th Fair were representatives of the Consulates General of the USA, Poland, Japan; the Russian Labor and Social Development Ministry; the bank Sberbank Capital; the St. Petersburg Association of Top Managers; the Karelian Representation Office in St. Petersburg, the International Finance Corporation, etc.


The business program of the 9th Fair was full of diverse events, including four roundtables, of which two, addressing investment project management and industrial zones/parks,  were organized by the St. Petersburg International Cooperation Center.


The international business association SPIBA held a roundtable addressing the practical development of small businesses in the Northwest of Russia.


The mortgage bank Delta Credit held a roundtable addressing the issues of mortgage crediting in St. Petersburg. That roundtable was attended by the director general of SoyuzPetroStroy , the director of the Northwestern branch of the Federal Mortgage Agency, the chief executive of the commercial bank Russian Capital and some other business leaders.


The information sponsors of the 9th Fair were the 6th Channel TV company, the ITAR TASS information agency; newspapers Delovoy Peterburg, St. Petersburg Vedomosti, Utro Peterburga, Chas Pik, Vedomosty, Stroitelny Ezhenedelnik; magazines Stroitelstvo I Gorodskoye Khozyaystvo, Expert Oborudovaniye; etc.


The results of all conducted Fairs indicate that the Fairs offer favorable conditions for fruitful contacts between investment seekers and those who is willing and able to invest in new business projects and ideas thus  helping in the development of industries culture health care education etc.


Of a total 239 projects featured by the eight previous Fairs 29 projects drew investments over 57 companies are conducting talks with potential investors.


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