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Projects, developed by both companies and individuals, are eligible for the Fair.

The participants in the Fair place information about their project at the presentation site using demonstration aids (printed and electronic materials, etc.); the information about the projects is also sited in the Web and in the print catalogue of the Fair.

The Fair is a unique and attractive event from the business viewpoint since it provides opportunities of direct talks with interested investors.

Discounts are offered at the closing of deals at the Fair. Applications for the participation in the Fair can be sent in to the RENA Economic News Agency.

A resume of the investment project is to be enclosed with the application. The resume should contain minimal information required for the presentation of the project at the Fair. It is the information contained in the resume which will be then placed in the catalogue of the Fair and the Web-sited database of investment projects.

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Each company can have three representatives at the Fair

The participants in the exposition are offered:

    1. A presentation site (a table for the location of demonstration models, information materials, etc.; chairs).
    2. A place for the location of demonstration stands (the size of demonstration units is to be agreed with the managers of the Organizing Committee prior to the Fair). The participants can use their own computers, TV sets, VCRs, if necessary.

    3. Consulting services during the preparation and the conduction of the Fair on the issues of the project presentation and the drawing-up of a business plan. The consultants will help to present projects in a legally correct and economically attractive form.
    4. Printing services, including the placing of projects in the official catalogue of the Fair.
    5. Placement of projects in the Web database of investment projects.
    6. Infotainment services during the preparation and the conduction of the Fair. The Organizing Committee regularly places in the press, radio and TV channels information about the preparations for the Fair, the participating companies and their projects. The Fair is covered by more than 30 media companies which provide live commentaries, radio and TV interviews with the participants in, and the guests of, the Fair.
    7. The Fair offers a special opportunity of the presentation of projects before the audience of investors, St. Petersburg government officials and visitors. The representatives of the participating companies can be given 15 minutes to tell the audience about the purposes and the advantages of the presented projects; demonstrate product or service samples; attract the attention of the investors to the presented projects in this or that desired way.

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The Catalogue of the Fair is distributed during and after the Fair to a target group of interested investors, government officers of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast, top managers of Russian and foreign large financial and investment companies.




The Jury of the Fair determines the best investment projects basing on the project assessment criteria, set by the Organizing Committee of the Fair.

More detailed information is available at the RENA Economic News Agency.

Tel: (812) 311-49-67.

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The RENA News Agency, tel 311-49-67, 310-92-39,