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04.11.2002 Maksim Radyuk, Bonch-Bruyevich SPbGUT, 22 years old
Intellectual Property-Based Profit Making
I am a member of the YDP Club and has participated in the contest for the second time. Participating in the contest makes me more experienced in reporting my own ideas to an audience and in assessing other reports. I think the contest is not actually a contest in the true sense of this word. I am not critical, I just see the facts: a) the three-minute limit rule for reporters is not observed b) with this condition unfulfilled, the contest is not a contest. Nevertheless, it is great having this event as a means of attracting attention to the Young, the Promising, the Daring within the framework of the investment project fair. And it has a good future, I think.
23.10.2002 Dmitry Okhochinsky, BGTU Voenmekh, 19 years
The Space Research-Related Addresses of St. Petersburg
I think the events like this contest are very helpful. As a participant, I have acquired experience in making reports before an audience and getting my ideas across in a concise form. I have attained the purpose of my participation in the contest by 70%-80%. The provisory stage of my project is over. Now I plan to implement my project with one of city tourist agencies.
15.10.2002 Gribin Aleksey, , 21
The Debt of Russia
I have participated in this contest three times already. I think the contest is a good floor for young people. We do not have many places where young people can speak before a high-ranking audience. The contest is a kind of interim stage where you can hear opinions about your projects, meet people. Then you have to work hard. The contest alone does not matter. Yet, participating in the contest makes me feel more self-confident.
08.10.2002 Semyon Klevtsov, SPbGASU, 5th year
Complex Protection of the Drainages and Facades of City Buildings
Such events are really indispensable as they give you chance of making yourself known and demonstrating your ambitions. This event is essential to those who think up new ideas and to those who think about where to invest in. Now our project is at an interim stage. We will be trying to obtain a grant from city authorities
30.09.2002 Anna Krutova, SpbGU, 22 years old
The Tutorial Center
It is for the first time that I participated in the contest. I wanted to present my project publicly hear opinions about it. As a result, I found an investor who is willing to finance my project. I think the contest should be advertised more so that more people participate. Besides, it would be great if the jury included experts in all fields related to the ideas proposed.
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