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Announcement Investment projects fair
We are looking forward to receiving your applications for the 8th contest of Business ideas. More...
The 9th Fair/Presentation of Investment Projects under the motto "The Whole Range of Private Initiatives" took place at the Shuvalovsky Palace, St. Petersburg, Sept. 25 and 26.
Investment news Internet Exchange of investment project
Here you can view the investment projects, which were presented at the past fairs, add projects of your own free of charge, and, if you are an investor, write to investment seekers that you are interested in.
The Youth Contest of Business ideas Businee club The Young. The Daring. The Promising
The youth contest of business ideas has become an inherent element of the Fair of Investment Projects. The contest is aimed at encouraging the appearance and the development of financial and business relations between businesspersons and St. Petersburg students.
The Youth Business Club is a community of young people who are keen to see their lives bright and active and to develop and make use of their business talents.
Beginning from 1993, RENA has been cooperating with the Finnish news agency Orsicon OY and since 2009 with CS Communications Oy. The partners jointly publish a Business Bulletin in English, which is distributed on subscription in Finland, Sweden, and in the North-West of Russia.
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