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21.10.2002 I. The reasons to start your own business
Before starting your own small business, just make up a list of the reasons why you want to embark upon a business activity. Whatever these reasons may be, use a systematic approach towards making a plan that can be later used as a basis for your assessment of the results achieved. ...
28.10.2002 II. What do you need to start your own business?
The following chapters contain information about the practical steps you will have to make when starting your own business and the guidelines you will have to follow...
04.11.2002 III. What to begin with?
There are, at least three answers to this question: < br>< br>
- realize your own idea;
- buy a ready business;
- organize a business using the trademark and technologies already in successful use by other firms, i.e. buy a franchise. < br>< br>...
11.11.2002 IV. How to start your own business.
It is a great decision to start your own business and get rich! Each year thousands of new companies are founded, yet many of them end up in a failure mostly because their owners do not have a good knowledge of private-sector business management. Below are some guidelines for you to follow if you want to make your way to success easier.....
18.11.2002 V. How to set up your own business. The phases
Creating your own business is a hard work to be done by yourself. We can only offer you some advice, teach you to ask necessary questions, show you how to find the correct answers. It is you who will have to find these answers. We cannot provide you with the correct answers to all possible questions. A lot depends on your personality.....
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