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          The idea of the club of The Young, The Daring, The Promising (YDP) has not come out of the blue, but has a solid working background; twice a year St. Petersburg hosts the fairs/presentations of investment projects and the YDP contest is an inherent part of these events.

          The contest of The Young, The Daring, The Promising enables young people managers, students and postgraduates to present their business ideas and/or projects on equal terms with representatives of well-established firms. All in all, the contest is a unique opportunity for young educated people to start up their businesses and have their ideas come true.

          The club of The Young, The Daring, The Promising is a nonprofit public organization which aims to increase youth activities in the field of entrepreneurship and small business. The YDP club is meant to provide support, including support on the part of experienced businesspersons, for young people in the implementation of their business ideas and in their acquisition of practical business skills, experience and contacts.

          The task of the YDP Club is creating a community of young people who wish to put to use their business talents. The YDP Club is actually supposed to be a kind of launching pad for young businesspersons, helping them acquire practical business skills and learn the experience of known businesspersons and experts in the field of entrepreneurship and small business.

          The range of the Clubs interests includes:
  • Entrepreneurship and small business
  • Business planning
  • Intellectual property and its protection
  • Business in Internet
  • Procurement of investments and cooperation with investors

  •           The projected development activities of the Club will be:
  • Collaborating with state small business support structures, as well as nongovernmental, nonprofit, youth and business organizations, banking institutions, investment and consulting companies.
  • Conducting business training seminars for the members of the Club.
  • Publishing training tutorials; collaborating with the publishers of educational literature
  • Expanding the activity of the Club to other regions
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