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    Конкурс Бизнес-идей
    A photo by "Delovoy Peterburg"
    1. Your business project must be feasible. Any ideas are eligible: they can be your degree thesis or your postgraduate dissertation.
    2. You must be below the age of 30, with finished or unfinished higher education.
    3. Send in a resume of your business idea to the organizer of the contest, the RENA Economic News Agency. The information given in your resume will be published in the booklet of the contest and placed in the computer database of business ideas

    Конкурс Бизнес-идей
    A photo by "Delovoy Peterburg"
    The presented materials must contain only concrete information about your project. Special attention should be paid to the description of the purpose of the business idea and the expected financial results. Investors and creditors will be specially interested in these sections of your project. Their decisions are based, as a rule, on the information presented in these sections.

    Participation in the contest is free of charge You can receive more detailed information about the contest by calling (812) 311-49-67, (812) 310-92-39
    The RENA News Agency, • tel 311-49-67, 310-92-39,